Edison Collier Fountain Pen, Japanese Autumn, 18k Gold Nib (M), USED Excellent


Used Edison Collier in Japanese Autumn with a 18k medium nib. In excellent condition without scratches or dents. Nib in pristine condition. Original box not included. All my pens have been well stored and maintained. Message me if you have any questions. The item “Edison Collier Fountain Pen, Japanese Autumn, 18k Gold Nib (M), USED […]

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 Pelikan Limited Edition Souverän M1000 Maki-e Spring & Autumn Fountain Pen M nib


Pelikan Limited Edition Souverän M1000. Maki-e Spring & Autumn Fountain Pen. Nib Size: 18kt Medium. Filling System:Piston Filler. Nib size: #8 Oversize. And maki-e art by Japan. Maki-e is the art of Japanese lacquer painting and is renowned for its beauty and artistry. Three traditional Japanese designs are drawn and depicted on the cap background: […]

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